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The Stopper Edge Protector is our latest addition to the Stopper® family of products. The Edge Protector will help prevent, rips and tears along the horizontal edges and under the surgical trays. The Edge Protector also allows for easier sliding of trays when moved and protects the sterile wrapping from getting caught on wire racks when stored. The Edge Protector also elevates the center of a surgical tray off the "blue wrap" and allows for better circulation of the sterilant and air for faster drying times. It is made from the same material as the Stopper® Foot and Corner Shield and is reposable (multi-use), recyclable and environmentally friendly. The Edge Protector can be used in Eto, Steam and Plasma (Sterrad) sterilization.

  • Helps prevent holes, rips and tears along the horizontal edges of heavy, sharp surgical trays
  • Elevates the bottom of the tray to help eliminate holes, rips, and tears in the bottom of wrapped surgical trays
  • Elevation of surgical tray allows better air circulation for faster drying time and sterilant dispersion
  • Made from the same tough material as the Stopper®, Reposable, Multi-use
  • Can be used in Steam, Eto and Plasma (Sterrad) Sterilization
  • Sterrad compatible with all Sterrad machines listed on the Sterrad processing Guide.
  • Recyclable, Environmentally friendly
  • Can be cut to size, 8" length
  • Low cost, Multi-use
  • Latex free
Stopper Edge Protector photo

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Non Sterile

100% Made in the USA

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