Stopper Care System

Stopper Foot & Corner Shield
Stopper Edge Protector

The Stopper Care System protects and helps prevents holes, rips and tears on heavy, sharp surgical trays on the corners and horizontal edges and under the surgical trays. The Stopper Care System consists of: #7100 Stopper® Foot and Corner Shield and #5988 Stopper Edge Protector.

StopperCare System

When the Stopper Care System is used on a surgical tray the surgical tray is completely elevated off the surgical wrapping. The weight of the tray is totally transferred on to the Edge Protector and Stopper® Corner Shield, allowing for complete circulation of the sterilant and better air circulation for faster drying times. In Steam Sterilization, this elevation also allows easier sliding of the trays since the weight of the tray is not sitting on top of the surgical wrappings. Since most of the instrumentation weight inside of the heavy surgical tray is concentrated in the middle, the tray tends to bow somewhat in the center of the tray. This concentrated weight sits on the sterile wrapping and upon moving the tray (sliding) or pulling off a wire racked shelf (storage) the weight of the heavy tray could cause rips, holes and tears, especially in the underside of the wrapped surgical tray.

StopperCare System

By using the Stopper Care System and the weight of the surgical tray being elevated and supported, the above is less likely to occur. The Stopper Care System is reposable with both products being made of the same tough material, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

  • Provides complete surgical tray protection from holes, rips, and tears.
  • Elevates the complete tray away from the blue wrap for sliding of the tray and helps eliminate holes, rips, and tears on the bottom.
  • Helps prevent holes, rips, and tears along the horizontal edges of heavy, sharp surgical trays
  • Elevation allows for better drying time and sterilant dispersion
  • Can be used with round corner trays
  • Does not retain moisture
  • Can be used in Steam, Eto, and Plasma (Sterrad) Sterilization
  • Edge protectors can be cut to size to fit any size surgical tray
  • Low cost, Multi-use, Reposable products

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